jan13egeenmapEGeen is a transatlantic CRO whose key business focus is to advance the drug development of biotech and pharmaceutical clients via expeditious and high quality yet cost-effective clinical trials.

Headquartered in California since its inception in 2001, EGeen has global capabilities in Europe and in the US. Our particular strength is expeditious patient recruitment in Eastern Europe through wholly owned subsidiaries in Estonia and Ukraine and offices in Romania, Poland and Turkey.

Privately held EGeen employs 50 people in the US and Europe in clinical trial management and monitoring, QA, logistics, marketing and IT support.

Quality, speed and cost effectiveness are key strengths of EGeen owing to its:

        • Extensive network of hospitals and highly qualified medical doctors for rapid patient enrollment;

        • Proprietary IT-driven medical and clinical data collection and management systems;
        • International business and clinical standards combined with the local Eastern European operational expertise;
        • Experienced clinical personnel and cost-effective infrastructure to efficiently manage clinical trials in all phases and major disease areas;
        • Particular focus and expertise in oncology, urology and CNS indications;
        • Additional expertise in most other major therapeutic areas;
        • Experiences and logistics support for biological and drug/device combination trials;

EGeen International Corporation

1949 Landings Drive,
Mountain View,
CA 94043 United States

main: + 1 650 967 5010
fax: + 1 650 469 0600

e-mail: egeeninc@egeeninc.com


European Office

Sõbra 54
Tartu 50106

main: + 372 7309 530
fax: + 372 7309 534
e-mail: egeeninc@egeeninc.com

Ukrainian Office

25, Novomostitskaya Str.,
04074, Kyev,

main: +38 044 492 34 05
fax: +38 044 492 34 04
e-mail: egeeninc@egeeninc.com